Each year triathletes who describe swimming as their limiter always vow to improve their swimming in order to have a better upcoming season. But continuing to go the pool and do long sets without a focus is not the way to achieve this improvement. 

This is the perfect time to slow down in the pool and work on perfecting your form. The first thing you want to do is attend a swim clinic or get a private lesson to find out what drills you can do improve your form. Once you know what drills to do you can then create a structured workout to help you practice the drill in order to improve your technique.

When you go to the pool go with a clear focus and work diligently on those 2-3 drills. By doing this at least twice a week for 30-45 minutes you will maintain your swim fitness and improve your technique so that when the early season begins you can start working on endurance and then speed. 

Look for Fortius Coaching Swim clinics this in winter and spring.